Guangdong unveil measures, implementing same treatment to all

South China’s Guangdong Province has unveiled measures to urge sectors including catering, transportation to abide by the regulations and extend the same treatment to all people.

The measure said that medical institutions, education, catering, transportation, hospitality, and house leasing sectors, tourist attractions, shopping malls and shopping markets and residential communities shall strictly offer equal health services in accordance with laws and regulations to all Chinese and foreign nationals in Guangdong alike, and strongly oppose any racist or discriminatory statements or acts.

Above-mentioned sectors and institutions should provide humanistic care, respect the customary practices of different countries and ethnic groups, give full consideration to reasonable concerns. Any differentiated actions on the basis of people’s nationality, race, gender or skin color is not allowed.

According to the measure, those who fail to present Guangdong Health Code or other health code, are allowed to entering shopping malls, residential areas, tourist attractions and other public areas with a negative nucleic acid test result issued within the past 7 days or a Notice on Lifting Medical Quarantine issued within the past 7 days. Those only with a valid ID should also be allowed in after they register their personal information and have their body temperature tested normal.

Medical institution, education sector and other public areas shall not impose any additional restrictions or control measures that target specific groups, “anyone in the transportation sector who is confirmed to have the above-mentioned conducts will be held accountable in accordance with relevant regulations; within contract term, the lessor shall not terminate or revise the contract, raise the rents unilaterally or refuse to return the lessee’s security deposit without justified reasons.” said the measure.

The measure also reveals the complaint phone number to the public, adding that foreign nationals, in case of any reasonable request concerning epidemic prevention and control, may call 1258088, a 24-hour multilingual service hot line run by Guangdong Foreign Affairs Office.

Zhang Xin, the vice governor of Guangdong province, said that since the outbreak of the COVID, the provincial government has held regular meetings with Foreign Consul Generals in Guangzhou, informing them of the updates on Guangdong’s prevention measures and soliciting their ideas.

Zhang said that Guangdong has been committed t offering equal health services in accordance with laws and regulations to all Chinese and foreign nationals in Guangdong alike, and the measure mirrors Guangdong’s stance in strongly opposing any racist or discriminatory statements or acts.

Alima Danfakha Gakou, the consul general of Mali in Guangzhou said that she appreciated Guangdong’s moves in helping foreign nationals fight the virus and keeping them healthy and safe. Consul general of Ethiopia, Ghana and Senegal in Guangzhou also praised the measure.

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