Shirking Responsibility and Diverting Attention Is of NO Help to Epidemic Prevention

Recently, the number of COVID-19 infections in the United States exceeded 5 million and the number of deaths 150 thousand. The number of infections and deaths in the United States ranks the first in the world. According to a survey among citizens carried out by NBC News, over 50% of the citizens cast a vote of no confidence in their country’s epidemic prevention, especially with a president who insisted on wearing no masks, saying that drinking disinfectant could kill the virus, and that he would be waiting for the virus to disappear.

The COVID-19 swept across the world at a tremendous speed. When there was no alternative, Europe closed down its cities and put them out of operation. Additionally, Australia, New Zealand and Canada also shut down its doors, businesses and classes to fight the pandemic.

As a large country with a population of 300 million, the United States was also unavoidably caught by the virus when facing the novel epidemic. At the beginning, there were, like in other countries, only thousands of confirmed cases and hundreds of death. However, the negative attitude taken by the United States government against the virus turned the situation worse. Since March, the pandemic situation in the United States began to deteriorate. There seemed to be little positive attitude towards the epidemic from the top leader to the spokesman of the White House.  When the pandemic reached its peak in April and May, the President first remarked that drinking disinfectant could kill bacteria, and then shrank the responsibility onto WHO and China. When the spread of the COVID-19 went even worse beyond control, the White House went for broke and dropped out of the WHO. In the meantime, the sudden occurrence of the tragedy of “Freud Gate” racial discrimination led to millions of protesters marching on the streets. Finally, the inaction and partiality on the part of the White House turned the protests into a series of riots. As a result, this made the epidemic situation more.

In dealing with the epidemic and ethnic conflicts, it is appalling to see the White House officials and staff taking negative response and shrinking responsibility as priority, fabricating all kinds of unreasonable accusations and slanders against other countries, and then saying that they would impose sanction against other countries including a rare sanction on an entertainment software APP. Objectively speaking, this series of diversions and sanctions may be forced measures. However, it has no effect on the urgent fight against COVID-19. It seems that the White House is helpless in dealing with national epidemic prevention or racial discrimination. It is a cure for the symptoms rather than the root at best.

In addition, American politicians seem to be more concerned about the presidential election in November. Furthermore, the White House attaches great importance to the interests of Wall Street’s financial giants. Perhaps these are more important than the life safety of ordinary citizens.

Under the background of the dual pressure at home, the White House has thought of diverting the contradictions to foreign countries first. It is better to divert the public emotions abroad with contradictions remain at home. To reach this end, political figures of the Republican Party and government should repeatedly emphasize that the virus is a “Chinese virus”, a highly discriminatory term. Even if China has basically eliminated the epidemic, “China virus” has been kept on mentioned by the President. Unfortunately, changing the name of the virus cannot control the spread of the virus in the United States.

In the severe situation of the novel corona virus, racial conflicts are becoming more intense. After the “Freud incident”, a series of measures taken by the White House did not pacify the feelings of black (African Americans) groups. On the contrary, their  passive avoidance  to the problem led to more and more violent protests, and finally led to a series of riots staged all over the United States. Even the National Guard forces were mobilized for the first time in recent decades to quell the social unrest. The White House however is unwilling to respond positively to this series of domestic problems, and is unwilling to solve them. Instead, they have been trying to divert the attention abroad.

Will this series of shifts of attention really benefit the election in the short term? If active effort had been made to fight against the virus and positive response had been made to deal with the Freud tragedy instead of constantly shirking responsibility and diverting attention, would the epidemic situation in the United States be improved and the current ethnic conflicts be resolved? Unfortunately, it seems that the White House politicians will continue to move along this line. How bad the future will be is worrying all Americans.

By David Knight

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