U.S. non-agricultural employment data in September was significantly lower than expected

Data released by the U.S. Department of Labor last Friday showed that employment growth in the United States in September slowed more than expected, and more than 300,000 Americans once again lost their jobs permanently. This may give special effects before the fierce competition for the presidential election on November 3. The road to reelection of Lampe caused a blow. If there is no new crown vaccine or new stimulus measures, the pace of the US economic recovery will be more faltering.

Data show that non-agricultural jobs in the United States increased by 661,000 in September, the smallest increase since the employment recovery began in May. Economists’ median forecast is an increase of 859,000, and an increase of 1.489 million in August. In addition to government departments, other departments have added jobs. The government reduced 216,000 jobs due to the resignation of temporary workers hired by the census and the switch to online learning in many school districts, leading to layoffs in state and local government education departments.

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