Nansha to hold “East Tech West” promotion of global technology communications


CNBC, the world’s largest business and financial news network, will host “East Tech West” in Nansha, Guangzhou from November 17th to 18th. East Tech West is an invitation-only retreat. Each year the event unites senior business and technology leaders from around the globe and holds some discussions about latest innovations and implementations of technology. The theme of this year is “East-West Science and Technology Dialogue”.

This will be the third time that Nansha has held East Tech West. It will be held online and offline simultaneously. There will be a number of thematic seminars and online dialogues with CNBC reporter stations (San Francisco, Singapore, London, etc.). The core themes of this conference include: digitalization process; globalization and localization in the post-epidemic era; healthcare and life sciences and global economy. It will be broadcast live to more than 130 countries and regions around the world.

According to Zhou Muliang, executive deputy director of the Nansha Development Zone Bureau of Commerce, the conference will provide new industry insights into technological innovation in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

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Max Raven, Senior Vice President of CNBC International, said in his speech: “Today, we are still committed to telling the extraordinary stories of science and technology in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and the Greater China Region.”

The speakers of this conference included: Ginny Rometty (Executive Chairman of IBM), Li Xiaojia (Executive Director and CEO of HKEX), Lai Changgeng (CEO of BNP Paribas (China)) and Ai Yu (Founder and CEO of TERMINUSA) etc.

Up to now, more than 180 business representatives have signed up to participate in the conference, of which 45 are executives and founders of internationally renowned companies, accounting for 25%. There are also 49 executives from leading domestic companies, accounting for 27% of the participants.

The organizing committee welcomes local entrepreneurs and executives to apply for participation. Please send an email to before November 13, 2020.

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