Construction of Guangzhou Metro Line 24 to start in 2021

With the successful opening of the northern extension of Guangzhou Metro Line 8, Line 24, which has also been highly anticipated by locals, is also coming! According to news published by the Guangzhou Public Resources Trading Center, the construction of Metro Line 24 will start next year and is expected to be completed in 2025.

With a total length of 31.6 kilometers, Guangzhou Metro Line 24, a detached line project of the northern extension of Line 8, is an all-underground line with 18 stations, including 10 interchange stations. The average distance between stations is 1.83 kilometers. And the maximum speed will reach 100 kilometers per hour.

Stations of the Guangzhou Metro Line 24

Guangzhou North Station (transfer to Line 9)—Xiuquan Park—Yayao—Yayuan—Dongjing—Shenshan East—Shuili—Jiangfu (transfer to Line 8)—Taoyuan—Junhe—Baiyun Dalang—Xiamao—Huangshi—Baiyun Tangxi (transfer to Line 12)—Tangjing—Yuanjing—Ziyuangang (transfer to Line 11)—Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall (transfer to Line 2 and Line 13)

The construction of Line 24 aims to connect Huadu and northern Baiyun districts with Guangzhou downtown. Therefore, the density of stations in the suburbs will be larger than downtown areas.

In the future, Line 24 will also adopt more new technologies, such as automated driving, smart metro, sustainable green rail transit, intelligent monitoring system, and disaster prevention technology.

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