Why does Guyana’s Prime Minister thank China?

Behind it is the “retrograde” of a Ningbo company, across half of the world.

Thank China! Taking the risk of the epidemic, flying over half of the earth, and repairing the “main artery” of the capital of Guyana in South America, won the praise of Guyana Prime Minister Mark Phillips.

Taking the risk of COVID-19 and crossing half of the world, Ningbo Oriental Cable Co., Ltd. completed a transnational rescue with 23 days “very retrograde”. Today, at the press conference held by the Municipal Foreign Affairs Office, Liu Ming, the head of the technical team who has just returned to China, reported the safe and successful return to the people of his hometown through video from the quarantine zone in Guangzhou.

At the end of November last year, the submarine cable at the mouth of the Demerara River in Georgetown, Guyana’s capital, was damaged by a ship anchor. The government of Guyana defined it as a “national emergency” and sought assistance from many countries.

“This is a critical connection between Guyana’s two major power plants and most of the users. Parts of the capital have suffered a power outage. It’s an emergency.” At the beginning of last month, the Chinese Embassy in Guyana received a request for assistance from the Guyana side.

Decided to coordinate Ningbo Oriental Cable, which is experienced in maintenance, to dispatch personnel to Guyana for emergency repair.

As a leading enterprise in the field of marine cables in China, Ningbo Oriental Cable urgently transferred back three technical core members, Liu Ming, Wang Guoyi, and Ye Yi, who were working in other fields, and quickly formed a special technical team to study and analyze the causes of failures and repair plans overnight.

Guyana is severely affected by the epidemic, with a high number of daily confirmed diagnoses. “I went to Guyana once to repair cables. This job fits me mostly!” Liu Ming, who was unable to get vaccinated due to physical reasons, resolutely decided to go to fight.

At the same time, the municipal departments of foreign affairs and other departments opened up green channels for the technical team’s passport processing, overseas mission approval, vaccination, and allocation of epidemic prevention materials. It originally took three months to prepare for departure, but it was successfully completed in seven days.

At 0:00 local time on the 12th of last month, which lasted more than 70 hours, Ningbo technicians showed up at Guyana’s Georgetown Airport wearing thick protective suits, traveling to South Korea, the Netherlands, Panama, and other countries.

The epidemic is engulfing the city, and the rain is hard to stop during the rainy season. There is a lack of professional construction teams and ships, and the construction conditions for the entrance to the sea are very difficult. The technical team worked hard day and night to shorten the construction period by half with superb professional skills.

On the 24th of last month, the submarine cable, which was damaged for nearly a month, was successfully repaired, and the interrupted power in parts of the capital was restored. At this time, it was only 23 days after they received the transnational rescue mission.

During the repair work, the Prime Minister of Guyana, Mark Phillips, made a special visit to the site to give condolences and highly appreciated China’s strong support for coordinating the repair task, and its important contribution to ensuring the peak power consumption of the capital during festivals.

Retrograde shows responsibility, and a friend in need is a friend indeed. As the epidemic spreads globally, China has extended a helping hand in time, demonstrating the demeanor of a major country. Cui Jianchun, the Chinese Ambassador to Guyana, said that this is the latest example of cooperation and traditional friendship between China and Guyana in fighting the epidemic. It is also a vivid practice of the Chinese government’s people-centered concept in diplomatic work.

Reporter: Zhu Yu, Zhang Hao, Li Xiaohang

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