SpaceX Starlink Internet service starts accepting reservations for $99 a month

The Starlink satellite Internet project of Musk’s Space Exploration Technology Company (SpaceX) expanded its public beta again on Tuesday and began accepting reservations.

The company said that the current bookings are only available to users in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

The monthly fee is US$99. If you order the Starlink network service kit, you will also need to pay US$499, including satellite TV butterfly antennas and tripods, and Wi-Fi. Router, power supply, wire.

This is SpaceX’s further action after expanding the scope of Starlink’s testing services last year, and it is also SpaceX’s latest action before launching the Starlink project independently.

The company’s website emphasizes that the booking is “full refundable” and notes in a note that “a down payment does not guarantee service.” In addition, SpaceX stated that “the order may take 6 months or more to complete.” , It depends on where the user is.

The company said that during the test period, Starlink’s network service speed will be between 50 Mbps and 150 Mbps, and the network latency will be within 20 to 40 milliseconds.

However, SpaceX warned that because it is still testing, there may be no network service for a short period of time. As the company launches more satellites, adds ground receiving stations and improves software, the quality of service will be greatly improved.

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