The first international conference entitled “China and the Palestinian Cause- Good communication between China and the Muslim world continues

In cooperation with a group of international organizations and institutions, and friends of the Palestinian people in the People’s Republic of China, on Saturday, October 30, 2021, in the Turkish city of Istanbul, with the presence and participation of elites, Reputable political and academic figures from various countries of the region. 16 speakers included China in the conference. Main objective and goals Participants expressed their appreciation for goals of strengthening SINO.

Palestinian relation in various fields and its vision that call cooperation in order to create bright future for SINO Asian relation with focus on Palestine in the stability of region appreciation work for maintaining international peace and security.

What consensus was reached at the meeting :

  *First*: In the Political Field:

The importance of China’s sponsorship of the Palestinian cause in international forums and organizations, and taking positions that would contribute to stopping violations against the Palestinian people.

Emphasizing that the issue of Palestine is the central issue of the Arab and Islamic peoples, and it is the sound entrance to achieving security and peace in the region, which contributes to achieving sustainable development and developing more stable Chinese-West Asian economic projects.

*Second*: In the Field of Promoting Cultural and Human Communication and Dialogue of Civilizations:

Enhancing visits and mutual contacts between elites and institutions of the People’s Republic of China and Palestine, as well as Arab and Islamic institutions, and exchanging experiences in various sectors.

Supporting communication and cooperation between Palestinian and Chinese institutions and civil society organizations in all fields in order to enhance understanding and friendship between the peoples of both sides.

Calling for the intensification of conferences, cultural and scientific activities, and the promotion of academic and student exchange between researchers, as an entry point for strengthening joint ties.

The call to adopt the language of constructive dialogue and to promote unity of understanding between the People’s Republic of China at the official level, and all the living and influential components of the Palestinian people, as well as the influential actors in the Arab and Islamic region.

*USA Role for Palestine and Muslims countries

The war of narratives on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has intensified as the Trump administration is poised to leave the scene. As the New York Times recently reported, the Palestinian Authority (PA), whose relations with President Donald Trump were poisoned by his one-sided

Following President Trump’s election, the consensus was that his anti-immigrant and Islamophobic rhetoric would significantly alter the trajectory of U.S. “countering violent extremism” (CVE) approaches, both at home and abroad. That trajectory had started to gain momentum during the  previous regime.

The proliferation of an anti-US ideology among radicalized Islamic groups has emerged as one of the most significant security concerns for the United States and contemporary global relations in the wake of the end of the Cold War. Especially since 9/11, the Mainstream American society has become increasingly Islamophobic, viewing The Muslim community and Islam as “others” and alien forces. Current Biden government for the sake of the vote, discrimination and persecution of Muslim groups still have some fear, the article will do some semblance of surface, but overall, the mainstream of Muslims and Islam, distrust, fear and discrimination, double standard, limit, silenced, is becoming more and more obvious in policy and social dominant scenes, between the two conflicts intensified.

Dislike of America undoubtedly reflects dislike of U.S. policies in the Middle East. In a survey of opinion leaders released by

the Pew Research Center in December 2001 a majority in Islamic countries told us that U.S. support of Israel is the top reason that people in their countries dislike America.

-Hong Kong commentator Liu Si

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