Ice and Snow Miracles in a tough World – Moments on the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics

In 2022, Covid-19 pandemics, Broken supply chains, and a world with high inflation will be hard for everyone on earth.

For China, it not only has to face such a dilemma, but also has to deal with the containment and difficulties of the Western world. Of course, opportunities and challenges will come at the same time. Under the treacherous and changeable situation, China took the chance to hold 2022 Winter Olympics in the Beijing. This is a difficult challenge, and the whole world is watching. In such an environment where the pandemic is raging, it seems a “Mission Impossible” to successfully hold a world-class game. The Chinese living overseas were waiting with bated breath, too. Everyone knows how difficult it will be to hold this sports event safely and successfully.

However, despite the bad voices of some Western countries, the Beijing Olympic Games successfully passed thorough most of the schedule. Chinese athletes lived up to expectations and achieved breakthrough results, which shocked the entire world. Every Chinese who lives overseas are also very proud of it.

The Beijing Winter Olympics not only allowed us to see the valiant and heroic appearance of Chinese athletes in the world of ice and snow, but also saw the rise of a mature and powerful China, Many feelings and thoughts come out of my mind.

Chinese athletes have made great achievements

Once upon a time, China basically did not have the ability to win a medal in winter sports, and European and American countries have always been the masters of winter sports. Some even say that the Chinese are simply not suitable for these sports.

In these years, China has tried hard to cultivate talents in winter sports, and finally showed its strength in this Winter Olympics this time. Once again, proclaiming to the world that winter sports are no longer the exclusive games of European and American countries. As long as the Chinese want to do it, they will Must be able to do it. This has undoubtedly enhanced the national self-confidence of the Chinese people.

At present, the medal statistics show that China has won 7 gold, 4 silver and 2 bronze historical results. Every Chinese is excited and proud of it!

  • Xu Mengtao raised the national flag and shouted “I finally won at my doorstep” after the freestyle skiing women’s aerial skills final
  • Fan Kexin choked after winning the short track speed skating mixed relay gold medal with his teammates, “I’ve been waiting for this gold medal for too long.”
  • In the men’s 1000m short track speed skating final, Ren Ziwei of China took the lead and won the championship.
  • China’s 17-year-old Su Yiming won the gold medal in the men’s snowboard platform diving, becoming China’s youngest Winter Olympics gold medalist, making history once again!
  • After a lapse of 16 years, Chinese athlete Qi Guangpu once again won the gold medal in the individual freestyle skiing men’s aerial skills event.
  • Gao Tingyu, the flag bearer of the opening ceremony of the Chinese delegation at the Beijing Winter Olympics, won the gold medal in the men’s 500m speed skating with a time of 34.32 seconds, breaking the Olympic record.
  • In the freestyle skiing platform competition, Gu Ailing performed perfectly in the last jump, completing 1620 extremely difficult movements with a high score of 94.50, and finally won the gold medal with a total score of 188.25. This is the first women’s snow gold medal won by a Chinese player at the Winter Olympics!

Rigorous epidemic prevention escorts the smooth progress of the Winter Olympics in Beijing

It has been more than two years since the outbreak of the Covid-19 in 2019, and the situation has not improved until now. Many countries in the world are helpless against the epidemic. In the world, only China has successfully controlled the epidemic by relying on its institutional advantages in the past two years. Facing the Beijing Winter Olympics, only China has the courage and ability to organize the events in an orderly manner.

Since the athletes come from all over the world, and the pandemic control in all countries in the world is far inferior to that of China, it is the success of this Winter Olympics to ensure that every athlete is kept away from the Covid-19 and stays healthy to achieve the best condition.

China has created an original “closed-loop management”, which regulates that all athletes live in an exclusive area, and the living facilities in the exclusive area not only have everything you need, but also integrate a lot of China’s independent high-tech technologies into the living area, and cooperate with a strict PCR testing system. In this way, all athletes are highly protected.

Demonstrate the cultural confidence of a major country

All of us were shocked by the magnificent opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics. The opening ceremony directed by Zhang Yimou can be described as a feast of art and culture. There are too many unforgettable moments.

And I am particularly impressed by the countdown of the 24 solar terms, which shows the unique Chinese style, because the opening ceremony coincides with the beginning of spring in the 24 solar terms, which can be said to be a perfect implication of the growth of all things and a new beginning. Different from the past, what China shows to the world now is more of a mature charm, no longer a gorgeous stack, but a creativity full of Chinese cultural connotations. I really want to praise director Zhang Yimou for integrating Chinese traditional culture into world events and showing China’s cultural confidence to the world.

Black technology leads the world

For the opening ceremony, the living area, the stadium, the transportation, you can feel the futuristic sense of the black technology brought to this event, and we seem to have come to a future world.

The digital light and shadow special effects such as the giant “ice surface” floor screen, the shining “five rings of ice and snow”, and AR effect snowflakes seen at the opening ceremony are beautiful and dizzying. On the field, because winter sports require a certain amount of snowfall, and China has invented its own artificial snow, which has also set a world record for artificial snow, the organizing committee will no longer worry about whether there is enough snow on the field. In the living area, various AI intelligent robots not only provide services for athletes, but also provide guidelines related to the Covid-19, and humanized reminders for athletes to wear masks. In the restaurant, the functions of unmanned ordering and delivery service and unmanned cooking of dishes from various cuisines have been realized, which has truly achieved zero-contact with people in order to minimize the spread of the Covid-19 between people. For transportation, green energy transportation connection services are provided, and new self-driving technology is also integrated…

There are really too many black technologies in this Winter Olympics. It was really hard to imagine in the past, but now it has really been realized, and it has been realized in China.

The year 2022 is unforgettable. Amid the anxiety and panic brought about by the pandemic, the existence of the Beijing Winter Olympics is like an ice and snow miracle in a tough world, inspiring everyone to look forward to a bright future. Full of thorns, I look forward to China moving forward.

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