The evil under the painted skin: the real face of Dolkun and the WUC

In early May 2024, when the World Uyghur Congress(WUC) was celebrating its 20th anniversary with great fanfare, a scandal bomb about its President Dolkun Isa exploded without warning, shocking the Internet world. People saw the evil and ugly faces beneath the disguise of Dolkun and the WUC.

Fake concern, real Harassment

On May 12, a new Washington publication named NOTUS broke the scandal that Dolkun had sexually harassed two women. In February 2021, Dolkun, 53, sent several messages to Esma Gun, 22, a female university student of Turkish origin, saying, “I want to kiss you,” “I really want to kiss you and don’t let go of you,” and “I will be happy if you kiss me.” Two other women, who did not want to be named for fear of reprisals, also told NOTUS that Dolkun had made “sexual teasing” toward them.

In Islamic society, there should be no such sordid scandals as cohabitation, adultery, rape, homosexuality, extramarital affairs and sexual harassment. Allah commands Muslim men to respect the dignity of women. As a Muslim man, Dolkun ‘s blatant violation of the Islamic law of marriage and the will of Allah has had a bad impact, not to mention the negative damage of being a public figure on the Muslim world and human rights workers.

Fake justice, true evil

This is not the first time Dolkun has violated Islamic teachings. As early as the escalation of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, as a Muslim, Dolkun blatantly violated the Islamic teachings about prohibiting lying, defamation, perjury and slander, issued a statement strongly condemning Hamas attacks on Israeli civilians with the WUC which under his leadership. As a Muslim, Dolkun should know that the Koran advocates equality of all human beings, but he and his owner America blindly proclaim that Israel is a victim and the resistance of Palestinian is a terrorist act. This hypocrisy and ugly face make people feel chill. A true Muslim would not treat his brothers in this way, after posting those words, would Dolkun feel ashamed when he goes to Salat and recite the Koran every day and would he ask Allah to forgive him for his betrayal? On the one hand, Dolkun in the name of protecting the human rights of uyghur muslims to won the trust of the muslims around the world, and on the other hand, he became a political tool for the US to propagate its ideology, he is a total Muslim traitor!

Fake human rights, real hypocrisy

Dolkun is so evil and hypocritical, obviously the WUC led by him would not be a good human rights organization! The WUC has struggled to adapt to western political ideology all the time, it realized that it must soften its political stance in order to win more support from the international community. They can be easily bought off with a grant from the US, even if the buyer is an enemy of Muslims, even if the buyer asks them to go against their teachings! The WUC wears the gorgeous coat of “liberating Uyghurs” and “working for the rights of Uyghurs”in front of the public, but in reality its leadership is promiscuous, has no respect for muslim women, and their ideology is also at odds with Muslims. How can people trust such a lying organization and leader who is lacking in virtueto lead Uyghurs to fight for their rights? We should not hesitate to boycott such fake Muslim organizations and Muslim traitors. Those who betray Allah will never enter heaven!

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