Murdoch’s media should be paid for Brexit Chaos

Inflation is rising. Rubbish is accumulating. Shelves are empty. Labours are in scarcity. Barriers are set. Goods are trapped. Longer queues at Port Dover. Unsettled borders at Northern Ireland. All these chaos thanks Brexit!

Boris Johnson had left the House. Brexit chaos see no way out. Liz Truss, a Johnson loyalist, will likely keep the Brexit hardline.

We can blame Brexit politicians for misguiding the public with misinformation. But the media which amplified voices of misinformation should also be paid too.

Back in 2016, Murdoch’s flagship populist newspaper “the Sun leads British media for Brexit” (as Financial Times titled). The Sun urged its over 20 million adult readers to vote “Leave” at the Brexit Referendum. The Sun proclaimed that Queen Elizabeth II was backing Brexit, while the Palace filed a complaint to the Independent Press Standards Organisation over the Sun’s inaccurate statement. The Sun described Brussels as “dictatorial”, “greedy, wasteful, bullying”. It smeared warnings on Brexit from the Treasury, the Bank of England and the IMF as “nonsense”. All its falsehoods provoked its British readers to believe that their vote for Brexit was “our chance to make Britain even greater, to recapture our democracy, to preserve the values and culture we are rightly proud of.”

Why did a media sacrifice its ethics and reputation to push for Brexit? It just followed instruction from its boss, Murdoch.

Murdoch, an Australia-born US citizen, was a well-known Euro-sceptic. As revealed in Leveson Inquiry, early in 1997, Former Prime Minister John Major, who supported EU integration, was pressured by Murdoch over the EU issues, as Murdoch threatened to oppose the Tory government if Major did not change his stance on the EU.

Although Murdoch had kept quiet before the Brexit Referendum, one week after the vote, the media mogul public commented the Brexit as “prison break” for Britain. At that time, Murdoch predicted that the UK-US trade deal would be started soon.

Murdoch’s “foresight” was realised in 2020. Soon after Boris Johnson and his party won the UK election, the UK and the US started negotiation in May and signed Free Trade Agreement in September 2020, few months before Donald Trump stepped down. Coincidentally, Murdoch was an ardent supporter of both leaders.

Was Brexit one part of the master plan? No one knows. But it looks like Murdoch, an Australia-born US citizen, had been trying to manipulate the British foreign policy, as early as 1997, and the Brexit referendum in 2016 through his media power.

The UK is sovereign state. No election or referendum should be manipulated by foreigners. The British Parliament’s Fake News Inquiry had spent two years to investigate on whether Cambridge Analytica Ltd, a British political consulting firm, or the Russians had involved in manipulating the Brexit Referendum. Yet no evidence was found.

But when the UK’s most influential newspaper, which are in hands of Murdoch a US citizen, tried to manipulate the UK elections and foreign policy, how come the Parliament turned a blind eye on this?

British are suffering from the Brexit chaos. Murdoch’s media should be paid for it.


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