Guangzhou aims on precise epidemic control with 5 measures

Zhang Yi, deputy director of the Guangzhou Municipal Health Commission announced on the city’s press conference on COVID-19 prevention and control today (November 30) that Guangzhou will further optimize its COVID control measures.

The optimization is in accordance to the ninth edition of China’s COVID-19 control protocols and the 20 prevention and control measures on further optimizing the COVID-19 response.


Haizhu District reported 6,183 new infections, and new infections were concentrated in Kanglu, Datang, Longtan, and Jinzili areas. Huazhou, Jianghai, and Nanzhou subdistricts have shown an increasing number of infections. The epidemic has shown a multi-district sporadic and clustered trend in Haizhu, Tianhe, Panyu, and Baiyun districts, and cross-district transmission is relatively common.

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Multiple districts in Guangzhou lifting temporary control

On November 30, Baiyun, Nansha, Huadu, Zengcheng, Haizhu, Liwan, Tianhe, Panyu, Conghua and Huangpu districts announced to adjust the COVID-19 prevention measures.

  • Baiyun District: All temporary controlled areas are adjusted to low-risk areas.
  • Nansha District: Besides some areas in Huangge, Dagang, Wanqinsha and Lanhe towns, Zhujiang, Nansha and Longxue subdistricts, other regions are adjusted to low-risk areas.
  • Huadu District: Some areas in Xiuquan and Shiling subdistricts, Huashan, Chini, and Tanbu towns, are adjusted to low-risk areas.
  • Zengcheng District: Some areas in Licheng, Zengjiang, Lihu, Yongning and Ningxi subdistricts, Xintang, Shitan, Zhongxin, Zhengguo and Xiaolou towns are adjusted to low-risk areas.
  • Haizhu District: Except “the east of Dongxiao Road-Changgang Road and west of Huangpu River-Chisha River-South China Expressway-Guangzhou City Ring Expressway-Xinguang Expressway”, other areas in Haizhu District are adjusted to low-risk.
  • Tianhe District: Immediately lifting lockdown measures in Yuancun, Changxing, Tangxia and Zhuji subdistricts.
  • Liwan District: Lifting all lockdown measures on November 30.
  • Panyu District: Lifting all lockdown measures and adjusted all areas to low-risk.
  • Conghua District: Lifting lockdown measures in some areas in Jiekou, Jiangpu and Chengjiao subdistricts, Taiping and Wenquan towns, and Mingzhu industrial park. The whole district resumes offline schooling.
  • Huangpu District: Lifting all lockdown measures.

Guangzhou Metro gradually resumes operation on November 30. Line 8 to Wanshengwei direction will not stop at Pazhou Station. C and D entrances of Pazhou Station stay closed.

On November 29, Guangdong reported 770 new locally transmitted confirmed cases and 7,236 asymptomatic cases.

Shenzhen detects 74+125 new cases

On November 29, Shenzhen added 74 confirmed cases and 125 asymptomatic cases.

Among the cases, 85 were detected during centralized quarantine, 34 during domestic quarantine, 8 among the key population under closed-loop management, 7 in the screening of high-risk areas, 10 in the detection of close contacts, 12 in a key population under non-closed-loop management, 1 in coordinated detection, 33 in the community screening, and 9 was diagnosed when the individual sought medical treatment.

Zhuhai adds 6+5 new cases

On November 29, Zhuhai reported 6 new confirmed cases and 5 asymptomatic cases. The cases have been all transferred to the designated hospital for treatment.

Shantou reports 7+4 new cases

On November 29, Shantou reported 7 confirmed cases (mild type) and 4 asymptomatic cases.

4 cases were found during the centralized quarantine, 2 in the screening of high-risk areas, 3 detected when the individual sought medical treatment, and 2 in the screening of key population under non-closed loop management.

Besides, 1 confirmed case was converted from an asymptomatic case.

Foshan adds 25+211 cases

On November 29, Foshan reported 25 confirmed cases and 211 asymptomatic infections.

In the cases, 228 were detected among residents under quarantine (7 in Chancheng District, 78 in Nanhai District, 133 in Shunde District, 4 in Gaoming District, and 6 in Sanshui District), and 8 were detected at the community level ( 2 in Chancheng District, 2 in Nanhai District, 3 in Shunde District, and 1 in Gaoming District).

10 asymptomatic cases were from abroad and put under management as they arrived.

Huizhou adds 12+26 new cases

On November 29, Huizhou reported 12 newly confirmed cases (4 in Huicheng District, 6 in Boluo County, and 2 in HZZK Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone), and 26 asymptomatic cases (9 in Huicheng District, 3 in Huiyang District, 3 in Boluo County, 2 in Huidong County, 1 in HZZK Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, and 8 in Daya Bay).

Zhaoqing reports 16+16 new cases

On November 29, Zhaoqing added 14 new locally transmitted cases (mild type) and 16 asymptomatic cases. Meanwhile, there were 2 cases (mild type) arriving from other cities.

5 confirmed cases were converted from asymptomatic cases.

Of the locally transmitted cases, 11 were detected during centralized quarantine and 18 in the screening at the high-risk areas. 1 was detected in the self-test, which was related to the case reported in Sihui on November 29.

Maoming reports 9+2 new cases

On November 29, Maoming reported 9 new  confirmed cases and 2 asymptomatic cases.

Jieyang reports 51 asymptomatic cases

On November 29, Jieyang reported 51 asymptomatic cases (6 in Rongcheng District, 3 in Jiedong District, 25 in Puning, 6 in Jiexi County, and 11 in Huilai County).

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