Coronavirus Pandemic: Guangdong Province’s open letter vows to ensure rights of foreign nationals

A visit to African students at Sun Yat-sen University here in South China.

Sending health care packages to these students, who have just finished their quarantine on campus.

ZHANG XIN Vice Governor, Guangdong Province “Guangdong Province has always attached great importance to safeguarding the lives and health of foreign nationals. The province has consistently implemented undifferentiated health services. We’re opposed to any forms of racism and discrimination.”

We talked to some of these students to learn about how they feel about the quarantine measures imposed.

“Know who our enemy is and let’s, like, join together. That’s what I hope.”

“Actually, they are doing good for the Chinese people and foreigners equally. They have given special care for the foreigners.”

Now an open letter has been announced, requiring undifferentiated health management service to be provided to both locals and foreign nationals. People of all nationalities to abide by disease prevention measures and no individual or groups shall be discriminated against.

LI JIANHUA Guangzhou “The open letter is about to be announced. In what way do you think we can work together to make sure that the guidelines can be well-executed. Thank you.”

TEFERI MELESSE DESTA Consul General of Ethiopia, Guangzhou “Were very much supporting the guidelines. And its been communicated. Its involved different views at the provincial and the city level. So we expect these measures to be strengthened and to reach out to the local authorities, and then we pass over the problem and overcome the problem.”

Meanwhile, African authorities have called for more support for Africa during the pandemic.

ALIMA DANFAKHA GAKOU Malian Consul General, Guangzhou “The Chinese government and enterprises have donated many supplies and medicine to Africa to fight the virus. China has also dispatched medical teams to some African countries, which demonstrates the friendship between the two sides. I hope more enterprises can come and help as Africa cannot fight the epidemic single-handedly.”

Guangzhou – hosting a large African community – is considered a business hub connecting China and Africa. Now they’re working to avoid any miscommunication in the future. LJH, CGTN, GUANGZHOU.

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