Guangdong increased support for industries hard hit by the epidemic

Guangdong reported 16 new cases, raising the total number to 1,034 as of midday February 7th. The province reported the first death, and a total of 74 people have been discharged from hospital. A total of 177 suspected cases were reported and 3,522 are under observation.

Since the emergence of the pneumonia caused by the novel coronavirus, Guangdong government has paid it the greatest attention and taken a series of prevention and control measures.

On February 6th, the province’s notice on compulsory mask-wearing in public was updated. In the new notice, both supermarkets and markets have been added to the list of public places where it is mandatory for residents to wear face masks while parks are still excluded. People don’t need to wear a mask when they are alone in places with a low risk of being infected, such as driving a private vehicle or walking alone in the park.

Communities in Guangdong are required to implement closed-off management in all residential areas. Visitors including food and parcel delivery personnel and their vehicles are no longer allowed to enter a gated community.

In the meanwhile, Guangdong continues to adhere to the promotion and implementation of prevention and control work based on the law. Those who commit crimes of impairing the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases, using violence against medical workers, producing and/or selling fake products and spreading rumors during the coronavirus outbreak will face severe punishment from law enforcement agencies.

In cases concerning the wholesale, retail, hotel, catering logistics, transport and tourism sectors, which have been hit hard by the epidemic, as well as SMEs with development potential but temporary difficulties, the court will step up mediation by working with related organizations to safeguard both financial claims and the survival and development of enterprises.

Latest figures for novel coronavirus cases
in Guangdong
(As of 12:00, February 7th, 2020)


1034 Confirmed

1 Deaths

74 Recoveries



Guangzhou 285
Shenzhen 339
Zhuhai 76
Shantou 22
Foshan 59
Shaoguan 6
Heyuan 3
Meizhou 12
Huizhou 39
Shanwei 5
Dongguan 53
Zhongshan 46
Jiangmen 14
Yangjiang 13
Zhanjiang 20
Maoming 6
Zhaoqing 14
Qingyuan 10
Chaozhou 5
Jieyang 7

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